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Ballad in the moonlight
The night is warm, it sends you to sleep like so many others too.
Come on my Muse, let's go to walk under the moon,
Into her light we will forget all our cares.
Then the woman and the star will be only one.
Oh mysterious moon, sun of our nights!
Your sisters are the stars dancing around you.
Festival of sparks which stave off our boredom,
Tonight, come on my Muse! Don't stay under our roofs.
Awake you, shake dreams from your hairs
Because the ceremony will start soon.
Come on to contemplate Aldebaran, the star of fire!
To join forever our enchanted minds.
You see, my pretty child, my only one melodious,
I don't see anymore but you, but needlessly none,
For the impossible love, I rely on the gods;
But tonight, come on to take a walk in the moonlight.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 1 0
Blown childhood's dreams
When I was a child, I was a Jedi,
When I was teenager, I became a rebel,
Now I'm a man, walking through the dark side,
Guided by something in my head that I can't expel.
Humans are so strange, this planet can't be mine.
I surely came from another star, lost in the Milky Way,
To misunderstand these peoples, and never see a sign.
Like if I was here since only yesterday.
Peoples here add and reject you at the light' speed,
And they don't use some mystical power to do it.
Because the dark side is in fact already in their seeds,
And they rarely feel the guilt of the harms they commit.
Their world is like a boiling cauldron,
Where are blending violence, blood and tears,
In spite of these fucking promises, which always fall down.
They need more love to forget heir doubts and fears.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 2 2
On the Mississippi...
On the Mississippi, what it would be good to be in love!
In the virgin nature where the water's whisper
Would sing the praises of a passionate love,
We would listen the silence and our fever.
Going over the extraordinary luxuriance
Of this nature, accessory to our nuptial fires
How I could love you in the magnificence
Of beautiful landscapes and crowds of butterflies!
Next I would embroider for you some dresses of flowers,
A crown of lianas, for you, my beloved.
On the rivers I would throw some bridges of flowers,
This would be necklaces for the proud valleys.
You would be the sacred nymph of our springtime,
Among the trees which take all shapes, all perfumes,
All colors; what would matter the time?
What it would be good, the american exoticism!
All these endless prairies, all this sky's azure,
Yes, it all would stretches out as far as the eye can see.
We would get drunk on light and honey,
And we would contemplate the vast sweeps of nature.
Lied down on the splendor of the setting sun
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 0 3
Tears and sorrow are worthy of me tonight
By their unforeseen visit in my mind's bosom.
I would relieve myself by a thousand or so goodbye,
But so heavy is to bring this woman's farewell.
Her presence is only more painful now,
Then, like a long sob, crowded by farewells,
The departure tolls the knell of the wonderful times,
It makes me remember the deep black of her eyes.
These eyes, on me, upset disconcerting darkness,
Least obscure than these dark hairs
Agreed like a rhyme with the gloomy and pale dye.
Her face lighted like in the moonlight
Always subjugate me by a feminine magic.
Farewell, mad hope became kindly again.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 2 0
Trifling hopes
Hoping secretly,
I'm a crazy boy.
Crying silently,
Never feel this joy.
Exotic and spicy girl,
Making my heart burn.
Now hope is gone,
Mistakes are done.
Of my life, you're slipping away.
Hopeless love, is blown away,
Brought by the raven.
Who said that miracles happen?
Oh damn, it's me.
Coz I just wanted to feel your heartbeat
Against me
Coz I just wanted to know your heat
Inside me
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 2 0
Everybody's mad
I know everybody have a holy star,
I see everybody have a poor soul,
I believe everybody have a treacherous true;
Like an obsolete ceremony we forget slowly.
We have to wake up from this untrue belief,
We must remember the ancient one.
Remember the first of our dreams,
Or awake for an unreleased, a new world.
I'd like to shake dreams from my mind,
And find the sweetest one, just for a moment.
I hope to see the sign of my awakening;
A divinity comes to make me see a summer day.
What can we do in a first time to believe in?
We have to follow the divinity in his vast domain,
A quiet place where the sky blend with the sea.
Mad children we are to haven't faith in this dream.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 1 2
Bird of paradise
Where do you go now, my sweet bird of paradise?
I hope that it would be untrue, you fly away.
I found an island and a country in your eyes,
Where I met the rack golem who asked me to pay.
But I'm only rich of love for you my little bird,
And your vision is planted in my brain of fool.
My eyes are dazzle; blind and lost is my poor heart,
Oh please my dear, let me free to play with your soul.
Small is the world and I believe we'll met again;
You're my living armor and my foutain of youth.
But I see the disenchant is coming with the rain,
And there will never be another one like you.
So I want to wallow in the sunlight of your hair,
I believe I love you, pretty child, full of grace.
But in your paradise I'm only a stranger
And then, in my mind now I won't can see your face.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 1 2
Into this world we're born,
Sweet family will die.
To the end of the world
You should come with me,
And never say good bye;
Do you really want to swim in mystery?
I'm the air you breathe,
Food you eat,
Friends you meet
In the snowed streets.
And I see your cool face,
Take me by the hand,
My fingers would explore
Be carefull to the end!
You can do it more and more,
You can make my dreams real.
Cause you speak in secret alphabets.
And live at the top of the hill,
Love me one time to never forget.
You will let our children play,
Always doing love to spend our time,
We'll have got a million ways
To discover the happyness mine.
But can you picture what will be?
Now, there's blood in the streets,
Please, come on and set me free
Free to sleep at your feet.
You gotta walk by my side,
Don't have to be afraid,
Into my heart you will can hide.
This is the promise that I made.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 1 0
What would come of us, little sister of my dreams,
If on this funny trap I must to get caught?
There will be no peace, no truce, no quiet realm,
If you don't explain me what I'm asking about.
Do you believe that you could get through this stuff,
That in your shade I could grow up?
This is to deny the facts, but why not to laugh it off?
We must jump at this chance that we don't feel up.
And this other guy who you don't know a lot,
About your game he doesn't know anything, certainly not the existence.
But that's in his side which will end the ball,
I'll have to learn how to keep the distance.
On your eyes I'm like a small butterfly,
Which flower after flower, takes flight like a shudder.
But one evening on your net, I will never be abble to fly,
Because you will cut my wings, before weep on my shoulder.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 1 2
Your eyes are sapphires,
The azure's mirrors,
Some crystal flowers,
Or some blue stars.
I love to vogue on these blue waves,
I love your eyes!
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 1 0
Life is so hard ... by silverdoomofparis Life is so hard ... :iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 0 0 Camouflage by silverdoomofparis Camouflage :iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 2 2
Thoughts about love
All the men are liar, inconstant, fake, hypocrite, proud and coward, despicable and sensual;
all the women are perfidious, crafty, talkative and conceited, depraved and curious;
the world is only a bottomless sewer where we creep and twist on mountains of mire;
but there is in this world a holy and sublime thing, it's the union of these both beings so imperfect and ghastly.
We are often betrayed in love, often hurt and often sad; but we love. And when we are on the verge of our grave, we turn back to watch behind, and we say to ourselves :
I often suffered, I was sometimes mistaken; but I loved. That's me who has lived, not a factice being created by my pride and my boredom.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 2 0
MASQUERADE Tell me darling
Tell me darling what this game do you suggest is,
The rule isn't clear, would it be a simple delusion?
I perfectly know the weapons that you may use,
And this trap could just cheat a newbie.
Because your kindred spirit is a better adversary,
But he can't and mustn't compromise you.
Just to be under your contracting vice,
Inexorably you stifle his being.
Your acts and words are like meditations
That you must prepare for a hundred times before.
And your moods, cradle of his frustration,
Are wheeling and intertwining as to denounce him.
This game that you practice isn't a play for child,
In this masquerade there will being only a looser.
:iconsilverdoomofparis:silverdoomofparis 0 0


a bet between love life death and darkness
Hurry mother your daughter is calling
the angel you created is slowly falling
The tearful child knows her mother is sleeping
yet compassion for the women can not stop the weeping
Hurry goddess your whole life is quickly breaking
just one word from the devil made its mind start quaking
The life you have guided is softly fading
stuck in the ocean and for years has been wading
Quick now mother your daughter is dying
poisoned by her emotions when she was in bed lying
The suffocating girl can't raise her voice to call
so her departure in the morning will be a surprise to all
Quick now goddess you life is needing your attention
too terrified by the darkness to remember what was mentioned
The cowering life only wishes to run away
yet a promise from it's goddess convinces it to stay
My apologies dear mother, your daughter is but a shell
she could never scream loud enough without notifying hell
The hollow girl could only cry out silently at night
for evil had already taken it's toll on her life
:iconbrokengirlsdream:Brokengirlsdream 2 6
Your Free
picking up the pieces of a broken past
a prime example that nothing lasts
my pulse is constantly weakening
and time is always deceiving
Dead hearts
And false Starts
Dead hearts
and dying Stars
Dead Hearts
My blood feels like fire burning me alive
this place is stealing all my drive
no motivation left as i fade away
i'm not quite feeling myself today
Dead hearts
And false Starts
Dead hearts
and dying Stars
Dead Hearts
The rain never looked so beautiful
through my window as my senses dull
only feel pain everything else is numb
Time has its fun and love leaves you dumb
Your free
your free
your free
I want to feel your heartbeat
I want to feel your heartbeat
I want to feel your heartbeat against me
Dead hearts
And false Starts
Dead hearts
and dying Stars
Dead Hearts
The damage has been done
but it just carries on
burrowing through my soul
as time starts to take its toll
Dead hearts
And false Starts
Dead hearts
and dying Stars
Dead Hearts
memories can't be erased
the agony can't be phased
:iconflawedhumanity:FlawedHumanity 5 2


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«You want to run the shadows ? So listen, chummer, learn all that you can, coz the ignorance will kill you so faster than a fireball.»
- Ess El El, snake shaman



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